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Explore Careers with the Team Behind the #1 Fastest Growing Indoor Entertainment Attraction Worldwide

We're growing, and looking for people to join our team that are as focused as we are at enriching the experience of our customers and expanding the brand to new heights. 

Why Join Get Air?

1. Our People and Culture. Our people are our brand. If you want to work with creative, forward-thinking individuals in an inviting company culture, then you'll be right at home here at Get Air.

2. Empowerment and Recognition. We encourage people to use all of their talents and resources to reach their full potential here at Get Air. We take pride in our colleague's accomplishments as much as our own.

3. Global Leader in the Industry. We lead the industry in safety, quality and innovation. If you want to work for a company that pushes the boundaries and thrives on creativity, then Get Air is the place for you.

4. Always Growing. If you want to join a company that is expanding every year, come and be a part of Get Air's ever-growing family. We build an average of 15 new parks a year, and are always looking for trend-setters.

5. We Care About You. Your health is important to us. That's why Get Air offers a comprehensive benefits package along with everyday perks. Click below to learn more.

Bonus: The ability to use jumping and trampoline puns in everyday conversation. It'll put a little bounce in your step!

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